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Kathryn Basso

Well, at long last, here it is!  It's been a long, arduous task indeed.  Lots of grey hairs grown in the process too, as I am most definitely not a tech savvy kind of girl.  I hope you like my new website.  I want to thank my friend Ron for all his help and patience with this website. without him, it would not look this awesome.   It's got lots of new updates and easier navigation and prettier pictures to peruse my products.  You will also find a few new and exciting products here.  I hope you will check them out. 

My first blog will be dedicated to you, my customers.  Karmic Alchemy has grown in so many ways in the short year it has been in business.  And that is due in most part, to you, my loyal customers.  I am astounded at the love and support I have received from so many friends.  I never expected such an overwhelming appreciation for my craft.  I am so humbled and grateful beyond words.

On my web page, you will see photos of my new soap lab, which was one of the new and exciting updates to my business.  My lab is small and cozy, as some of you know.  I am always excited to show it off to anyone that wants to stop by and have a cup of coffee.  Although it is in my basement, I did paint it bright and cheerful colors so it's always feel bright and sunny down there, even on the most dismal days.  I get lost down there for hours not realizing how many hours have passed by while working.

Karmic Alchemy is now is an LLC, which is another newsy item to know about.  This sort of makes me feel more legitimate as a business and gives me an extra layer of protection.  I don't particularly care for all these "businessy" things I have to take care of, I much rather prefer making soap and doing fun things like that, but these things must be done as I grow as a business.

I am selling at a lot more fairs this year and much larger ones too.  It's tons of fun being at these events and I have had the pleasure of having my friends Annie and Sonia with me at Long Beach and that was a ton of fun working with them.  I always love mixing with the folks at fairs, it gives me an opportunity to talk about my products up close and personal.

Lastly, I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with one wholesale account.  You may find my products at Say La Vie, in Cold Spring Harbor.  It's a lovely little shop on Main Street that has an eclectic mix of spiritual items, clothing and home decor.  Stop in and say hello to Jane, the proprietor of Say La Vie, she is a sweetheart.  Keep an eye out for a future blog for a new client Ujjayi, who will be opening a new yoga studio in East Northport in a few months.  I am excited to be doing some private label work for them.

Lastly, I am always entertained by the creativity of some of my clients.  I recently decorated a "onesie" at a baby shower and one of my clients, Rob Law wanted a onesie in a 52 Long.  He creatively made one on photoshop.  What do you think?

Yours in Light,







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  • Kathy I love your new website!!! Clearly you are a gifted light worker. So good to see your offer healing to a hurt, love every word of that. I love your products, the energy is inspiring. I have become your loyal customer

    Love and Light to you and your success


  • That alone wwas an egregious oversight on thheir own part, since Discon


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