Bad Knees and Toes and Moving Forward

Kathryn Basso

I am one of those people that is a big procrastinator.  I can't seem to get anything done, yet I am running around in circles.  I seem to be constantly busy yet have an endless list of tasks to complete that never gets finished.  Recently, I have had an endless streak of breaking toes, injuries and now, a very bad knee that is preventing me from getting any kind of much wanted and needed exercise.  After a recent visit from a friend who is so highly spiritual, I seemed to have a sort of spiritual "kick in the butt".  After her departure, I made a list of all the things I needed to get done for my spiritual, personal and business life. I also vowed to start a gentle walking and biking routine every day.   I am so motivated to get started and whammo....huge knee injury on the very day I want to get started.  This happens just two weeks after my beloved Golden Retriever puppy broke my toe.  (I broke two over the winter).

I'm like, what the hell?  What is wrong with me?  Why?  The old me would have sat and stewed with that in my pity party, whining away that I can't do this or that, work in my lab, run off and do what I want, but guess what?  The Universe never lies.  It's beating me over the head trying to tell me to sit my ass down and get stuff done in the very chair I am sitting in right now, writing this blog post. 

So, here I sit in my chaise, on this beautiful summer day with my list.  Slowly ticking things off that list that I have been wanting to get done for months.  Mundane, boring yet necessary things that needed tending to for my business, such as this blog.  This is the first inspirational thought I've had in a year.  Thank you Spirit.  As I sat with my pen in hand, Spirit gave me this:

"Yes, you are stuck in a rut but love heals all of our troubles if we stay still and heal ourselves and begin to realize that we don't need to be running in so loony directions because God keeps in a place where we need to heal ourselves.  Ask ourselves, why?  Because life is not all about lifting, hauling, running and laughing at ourselves in lost anguish.  Let's slow down and breathe, OK?  If you're still in a rut, just breathe in God's love and ask him for his love and break bad habits of beating yourself up every day  by running, running, running as you're only being evolved into a broken down machine.  Asking for love heals all things.  Amen."

If you're stuck somewhere, tell yourself "I'm exactly where I need to be"




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  • I have sort of been on a pity party for the summer thank you for your post . I guess you have encouraged me to appreciate what was given to me and enjoy it instead of looking at it as a burden. In my cause it is nonstop guests in my lakehouse. Thank you for the inspiration. I was just fininshing my last bar of soap and felt compelled to order more glad i saw your blog. God bless.


  • Well said, my friend! Feel better soon! (And your list will be a lot shorter, too!)

    Rob Law

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