Flying and Change. How does this analogy resonate with you?

Kathryn Basso

Do you like to fly? Honestly, I don't.  I'm not afraid of flying, but it's an experience I don't enjoy.  As an intuitive and empath, I'm very aware of the energies of my surroundings.  Even though I've learned to take steps to energetically protect myself, I'm still uncomfortable in crowded airports and airplanes.  And I'm thinking that flying is a good metaphor for the journey of life.  Often, a flight is the quickest and easiest way to get where you're going.  However, it can be costly, uncomfortable, exhausting or even frightening.  Change isn't all that different from flying.  Often, in life, we must change something in order to move forward to where we want to be.  Perhaps it could be changing a job, where we live, or maybe even starting or ending a relationship.  We know the change is best, and will enable us to progress along our path, yet it can be  fraught with difficulties and fears.  Yes, much like flying, change can be costly, uncomfortable, exhausting or even frightening.  However, it's often the best-perhaps the only-way to truly get where we need or want to go.  Staying put in our current circumstances, be they physical or emotional, is comfortable, even when not particularly healthy or peaceful.  In fact, I've found that even chaos can feel comfortable if we endure it long enough!  So we avoid those cramped, crowded places in our minds and lives where we need to release and "fly" free, because that flight to freedom isn't always a pleasant experience.  However, what a wonderful gift we give ourselves if we can find a way to endure any discomfort or cost associated with that flight of change and get on board.  The takeoff may be frightening, the ride turbulent at times, and even the landing not as smooth as we hope.  But, if in the end we arrive at a new place of healing, enlightenment, or peace...isn't it worth the cost?  So let's all push past the discomfort of inconvenience and fear, embrace the experience, and soar beyond where we are to newer and greater heights.  Come fly with me.  We may not know where we're going, but we're on our way!

This month's blog was written by Stephanie Seavers.  She is an intuitive empath, healer, psychic medium and has been gifted through God with all the "Clairs".  You can contact Stephanie or visit her website at:


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