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Are you ready to feel more comfortable in your own body?

How about to live your life with more vibrancy & presence?

If so, I invite you to join me at this new workshop.

Tabatha Bird Weaver

Reboot Your Root

This is a one-day workshop, but my hope is that it will be like a stepping-stone into a new way of life for you. It was for me - I am now a certified facilitator. Once you experience the extra energy levels, the grounded sensation of really being present in your body, and the deepened sense of radiance and vitality, you just can't go back.  I hope that you will be motivated to continue with this new way of living. The tools and techniques you will learn can be integrated into your daily life easily; they will become a way of life.


Here what the day looks like

  • Session 1 | Body Wisdom

    Guided mediation + Body Wisdom Journaling

  • Session 2 | Chanting

    Guided Affirmation + Chanting Exercise

  • Session 3 | Grounding

    Grounding meditation + Rocking with Mother Earth + Mother Earth Prayer

  • Session 4 | Power Animal

    Power Animal Journey + Power Animal Dance + Mandala Creation

Ooooh, this sounds good!

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