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Have you ever felt like it is impossible to love and know yourself when our world rarely feels safe, still or sane? Have you ever had that moment when you realize that you compare yourself to others all the time, without even being aware that you are doing it? Or maybe you can't shake the fear that you fall short, aren't enough or are a fraud. I've been there too - and I got out of it.

I have curated all I learned in school and on the streets about our woundedness and our wholeness into a warm and loving practice. And now, I specialize in teaching and mentoring the creative, holistic, empowerment-based skills you need to have a deep, loving, self nurturing life of growth, confidence and satisfaction. Sounds too good to be true? I thought that too. But it's actually easy if you're available, willing and a little brave. Ok, so how do we get there?

I deeply believe that your therapy should fit *you* and that solid therapists teach their clients how to take care of themselves. My personal and professional experience has given me a mad skill set for those times you doubt your self-worth. Or when you feel disconnected from your true self and deep hopes.  I am here to support you as you learn to love you. So, you're not alone anymore.

We will be together the whole way as you accept and release your pain, disappointments and old expectations of yourself. Then, we'll walk the road side by side as you heal and meet your soul connected self.  You'll begin a new relationship with you and your power, and I will have the fortune and joy to witness you. We'll get there by being together and loving you, until you can be alone and love yourself deeply and easily.

I invite you to start now. Here's the address and link to my secure client portal: https://tabatha.secure-client-area.com

I just had my first session with Tabatha, and she was amazing! She knew immediately what I needed to break through my energetic blocks. Even though it was our first time meeting, it was as if she knew me for my entire life. I cannot wait to continue my healing work with her. She is really fantastic.
Candace, Licensed Professional Counselor, Illinois
The service was incredibly helpful. It was exactly what I needed to break through that stuck feeling. It felt safe, comfortable, and healing.
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